Serving Area

Below you'll find three maps of our serving area: (1) general location in Wisconsin (2) availability by service (3) more detailed map of phone coverage. Click on a map for a larger view.



Our phone service covers every home in each exchange we serve (Eleva/287, Independence/985, Pigeon Falls/983, Pleasantville/694, Northfield/984 and Strum/695). In addition, DSL High-Speed Internet and IPTV (cable in the country) are available to all households in our telephone serving area.


Our traditional (coax-based) cable TV service covers all of the city households and some rural households within a mile or two of each town. Certain exceptions may exist with house developments, etc. Cable Modem High-Speed Internet is available to any locations where coax cable is buried/connected. We offer Cable TV and Cable Modem High-Speed Internet to the following towns:


   Alma Center, Arcadia, Blair, Centerville, Eleva, Ettrick, Fairchild, Galesville, Hixton, Humbird, Independence, Merrillan,
   Northfield, Osseo, Pigeon Falls, Pleasantville, Strum, Taylor, Trempealeau, & Whitehall



We offer dial-up Internet service based on the phone numbers 715-985-2700, 715-287-2700, 715-984-2700, 715-964-1044, 608-582-4848 and 608-989-9623. Availability of dial-up Internet service is based on connectivity to any of these numbers. Please check with your phone book or phone company for any fees that may apply upon calling any of these numbers.


Please contact TCC for more specific availability of any of our services.