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TCC Cable TV is your best TV entertainment value in Trempealeau County! We offer an excellent channel line-up, all your local network stations and a variety of packages to meet your needs and budget. As a cooperative, we are invested in our local area with our time, money and support.



Cable Packages


   High-Definition Cable with DVR receiver $95.95 per month view channels
   Digital Cable with DVR receiver $88.95 per month view channels
   Digital Cable with Standard receiver $85.95 per month view channels
   Basic Cable (no receiver) $68.95 per month view channels
   Cable TV Bundles Save up to $600/year! more info


Prices are before taxes and gov't fees. There is a one-time installation charge of $35.00 which includes connection to one device and one outlet. Additional charges may apply for additional outlets, wiring, programming or other services.



FREE HBO or HBO/Cinemax Max Pack!


Sign up for HBO or HBO/Cinemax Max Pack during April and you get to watch for FREE until June! That means hundreds of movies, original TV shows, sports events and concerts on up to 16 channels all month, every month! No contract, cancel at any time.



HBO (6 channels*) $15.95/month

Cinemax (8 channels*) $9.40/month

HBO/Cinemax Max Pak (14 channels*) $21.99/month

Showtime (11 channels*) $11.99/month

Starz!/Encore (12 channels*) $9.99/month


* HD versions included if you subscribe to HD cable or HD bundle



Watch TV Everywhere


TCC Cable provides a new service at no charge to all Cable customers so you can watch programming from our popular cable channels online from your computer, tablet or smart phone when you are away from your TV! It's called Watch TV Everywhere. There are currently about 20 channels included with more being added all the time. Get started!


Cable Availability


TCC Cable is available in the communities of Strum, Eleva, Osseo, Fairchild, Independence, Whitehall, Arcadia, Pleasantville, Pigeon Falls, Northfield, Blair, Ettrick, Taylor, Centerville, Trempealeau, Galesville, Alma Center, Humbird, Merrillan and Hixton. Some areas use traditional Coaxial cable lines; others use our IPTV service through telephone or fiber optic lines



Extra Cable Boxes


Additional DVR or DVR Gateway $9.95 per DVR receiver (+ installation if necessary)

   - Receive digital channels with on-screen programming guide and have ability to pause, rewind and record

Additional DCT or DCT Gateway $4.95 per DCT receiver (+ installation)

   - Receive digital channels with on-screen programming guide

Additional DTA box (for older TVs on Basic Cable) $1.50 per DTA (no charge for the first 2 DTA boxes)

   - For older "box" tv's to receive the digital signals TCC now uses on Basic cable service